1.   1:1-14 -- Greeting & Thanksgiving, and The Preeminent and All-inclusive Christ as our Portion

2.   1:15-29 -- This One as the Image of God and the Firstborn, and as the Mystery of God's Economy

3.   2:1-7 -- This One as God's Mystery

4.      2:8-23 -- This One as the Body of All the Shadows

5.      3:1-11 -- This One as the Life of the Saints and as the Constituent of the New Man

6.      3:12-17 -- Christ's Arbitrating Peace and Indwelling Word

7.      3:18-25; 4:1-18 -- Christ Expression in our Ethical Relationships, our Prayer and our Walk, and the Apostle's Fellowship


Please get into the verses, the footnotes, and the Life-Study messages, and come to share on Lord’s Day.

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