Weekly Announcement

Dear Saints:

Please find the viewing schedule for the upcoming blending conference:

For those in the U.S., who have this holiday off (conf.lsmwebcast.com):
Message 1: 10:00 AM Saturday, May 27, 2023
Message 2: 7:30 PM Saturday, May 27, 2023
Message 3: 10:00 AM Lord’s Day, May 28, 2023
Message 4: 7:30 PM Lord’s Day, May 28, 2023
Message 5: 10:00 AM Monday, May 29, 2023
Message 6: 7:30 PM Monday, May 29, 2023

We highly encourage you to join with other families and saints to watch messages together as possible.  The Lord's Day message will NOT be shown in the meeting hall Lord's Day Morning, so please watch it Lord's Day afternoon, or when possible before 11:59 PM on May 29 when the conference site will be deactivated.  Messages will be available for purchase/with a paid subscription on https://www.lsmwebcast.com/ after this time.

<>The Serving Brothers in Christ meeting in Wilmington, Delaware


Dear Saints:

This week's calendar and meeting links are here.


  1. Upcoming Events:

    1. Wilmington Events and Meetings:

      1. June 3: Meeting Hall cleaning day

      2. July 4 - 16: Video training at the Meeting Hall.

    2. Other Upcoming Events:

      1. May 26 - 29: 2023 Memorial Day Blending Conference in Chicago, IL

      2. June 16 - 18: Pennsylvania Blending Conference in Harrisburg, PA.

      3. July 3 - 8: July Training in Anaheim, CA

      4. July 16 - 22: 2023 NATIONAL College Training in Champaign, IL

      5. July 31 - Aug 6: Mid-Atlantic SSoT

    3. Additional details and additional events are listed here

The Word

We will be continuing the HWMR: “Crystallization-Study of 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, Vol 1,” covering Week 4.

The physical books are available at the meeting hall for purchase.  The price is $6.  The material is also available electronically here:  Google Play  |  Amazon/Kindle  |  Apple Books


Please view the prayer burdens here.


Giving to the church in Wilmington:

  • https://ciw.mywell.org/ is set up to give to the church in Wilmington, to make designated offerings, and to pay for books.

    • Please designate any support for full-time serving ones or needy saints.

    • Please email churchinwilmington@gmail.com with designations or to get information for other ways to give to the church.


Additional Giving Opportunities:

  • LME: Please designate offerings “for Ukraine,” “Distribution of Bibles in Europe,” etc.

  • Living Stream Ministry: You can support the FTTA, the UK Radio program, India RcV, etc.

  • BfA: BfA would like to distribute 5 million Bibles by the end of 2032.

  • Mid-Atlantic Work Fund: please read the site carefully for instructions.

  • FTTA Support Fund: Please consider providing support for the Full Time Training in Anaheim.


Please visit our Bookroom Page for E-booklets and tracts, and for other bookroom-related information.

<>The Serving Brothers in Christ meeting in Wilmington, Delaware


302-433-6111 (call or text)

Remember: If you wish to join a group meeting but the times are not feasible, or you need assistance setting up a new gathering, please email or text for fellowship. 

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