Weekly Announcement

Dear Saints:


We will be continuing the "HWMR The Reality of the Body of Christ."  This week we will cover Week 6: “Living Out and Working Out the New Jerusalem to Build Up Zion as the Reality of the Body of Christ.”  Please enjoy the message and come to share on Lord’s Day.


We will be starting a new HWMR the following week.  Please see TF or Richard to purchase a paper copy of the new HWMR on Lord’s Day.


This new material is also available for purchase electronically:

Google Play/Android: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/?id=BVmSDwAAQBAJ

Amazon/Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QNFNC44

Apple iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1462790136


NOTE: The Ministry Digest is available for subscription.  Please visit md.lsm.org to sign up.

NOTE: the church in Wilmington has acquired a set of the Collected Works of Witness Lee.  Please see TF to borrow a volume from the library if interested.


Fellowship and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday (06/19/19) at 7:30PM at the meeting hall.

Please pray for the new contacts from this last weekend for their openness to us for future contact and for the saints to make time to shepherd them.

Pray that the Lord will fully gain a new generation of college-age saints for God’s eternal purpose of Christ and the church—Psa. 24:6; Eph. 1:9-10


Group meetings this Friday (06/21/19):

Group 1: Group meeting near UD (contact Steven for details)

Group 2: Group meeting in Newark (contact TF for details)

Group 3: Group meeting in Wilmington (contact Younghoon for details)

Group 4: Group meeting in Middletown



Service schedule for the coming Lord’s Day (06/23/19):

Children Service

Nursery Service



Usher 1

Usher 2

Meal Prep

Cleaning (Last Initial)


Shelly & Huiju

Jing Bai & Shan Shan




Mike Z

Esther & Mary




Please reply to this email if you can volunteer to fill in the “TBD” gap above.


Upcoming Wilmington Events:

·            Summer Video Training: TBA


Upcoming Blending Events:

·         Blending and Fellowship (6/22, 2019) in Piscataway, NJ

·         Summer Training (7/1-6, 2019) in Anaheim, CA

·         Summer College Training (7/14-20, 2019) in Champaign, IL

·         2019 Chinese-Speaking Serving One’s Perfecting Training (7/19-21, 2019) in Kingston, NY

·         2019 Chinese-Speaking Student’s Perfecting Training (7/22-26, 2019) in Kingston, NY

·         Thanksgiving Conference (11/28-12/1, 2019) in Houston, TX



Blending and Fellowship (6/22, 2019) in Piscataway, NJ


Parents and serving ones of children, YP and young adults are invited to attend a blending and fellowship with Piscataway on Saturday, June 22.  There will be a time for questions during the fellowship.


2:30 – 4:00 (more on children)

4:20 – 6:00 (more on YP)

Place:  Meeting Hall of the Church in Piscataway

15 Seeley Ave. Piscataway, NJ 08854



Summer College Training (7/14-20, 2019) in Champaign, IL


2019 Chinese-Speaking Student’s Perfecting Training (7/19-26, 2019) in Kingston, NY

The annual Chinese-speaking students’ perfecting training will be held in Kingston Penuel

Christian Center, NY from July 19 to July 26.  The first three days, from the 19th to the 21st, will be

for the serving ones, and then from the 22nd to the 26th, will be for the students.  Please see the attachments of the May 20th announcement email for more details.



Much grace in Christ,

<>The Serving Brothers in Christ



Special Giving Opportunities (please place designated offerings into the offering box):

Mid-Atlantic Work Fund (MAWF)--https://churchindc.org/MAWF/


Helpful sites to help you pursue the Lord:

Online Bible with NT Footnotes: http://online.recoveryversion.bible

Radio programs: http://www.lsmradio.com/rad_archives.html

Online Ministry Library: http://www.ministrybooks.org/

Ministry portions delivered daily: http://www.emanna.com/

Church in Wilmington Daily Reading Program: http://daybread.org/ciw/en/

Bible Distribution Materials: http://biblesforamerica.org/

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